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Jawaran Kosong DRB-HICOM

Jawatan Kosong DRB-HICOM Berhad

As a member company of a diversified group, DRB-HICOM Berhad, we are currently looking for dynamic, dedicated and responsible candidates to fill the following positions in our property development sector:

1. Safety and Security Officer (Selangor - Klang)
2. Marketing & Sales Manager
3. PDI Technical Manager
4. Importation Assistant Manager

Dateline : TBA



1. Safety and Security Officer (Selangor - Klang)

-Possess a Diploma/Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health (OSHA) approved
-Minimum 3 years of working experience in safety and security supervision works in
construction site
-Strong leadership and able to communicate with all level of personnel

We are an established company engaged in the development and management of commercial, residential, industrial and tourism projects. We are looking for suitable candidates with initiative and commitment to fill the following position:

2. Marketing & Sales Manager

-Degree in Business Studies/Marketing/Mass Comm/Property Management
-At least 5 years experience in handling sales of properties
-Good communication, interpersonal and presentation skills
-Pleasant looking, independent, dynamic, aggressive
-Good networking with government and private organizations dealing with investors relations (MATRADE, MITI, MIDA)

Job Responsibilities:
-Marketing and sales of industrial lots, residential and commercial properties for new project
-Conducts competitors’ analysis and offerings and implement strategic market plans
-Conduct road shows/promotions at various locations both locally and abroad to create
awareness and to hype corporate branding
-Generate relevant reports and proposals
-Liaison with authorities, state government agencies, overseas trade centre, foreign embassies in Malaysia and Malaysia embassies abroad
-Organizes site visits with potential investors and visitors
Organizes product brief and presentations to investors and prospect where necessary

A wholly owned subsidiary of DRB-HICOM Bhd, DHAS was set up in 2006 to handle importation, freight forwarding, Pre Deliver Inspection (PDI) and accessorisation of CBU and CKD cars, operating two (2) PDI centers, one (1) in Pekan and one (1) in section 27 Shah Alam. The headquarters is in Wisma DRB-HICOM. DHAS provides bonded storage facilities also located in the PDI Centre in section 27 Shah Alam. In view of our expansion programme, we are currently seeking highly motivated and suitably qualified candidates to join our dedicated work force:-

3. PDI Technical Manager

-Candidate must possess Degree/Diploma or Technical Skills or equivalent
-At least 10 years of working experience in the related field
-Must have strong knowledge of automobiles, component parts and their functions
-Familiar with technical and operational requirements of the automotive industry –
(upstream and downstream)
-Good communication skills in English written and spoken
-Able to work extra hours and required to travel outstation
-Able to work independently, self motivated and committed
-Good in planning, analysis and problem solving
-Able to interact with various people at all levels and a dedicated team-player
Computer literate.

Job Responsibilities:
-Managing the operations at PDI Pekan and Shah Alam
-Managing of the spare parts replacement for PDI operation
-Managing the bonded storage area at PDI Shah Alam
-Implementation of 5’S’ Activities for PDI Pekan and Shah Alam
-Implementation of Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) activities at PDI Pekan and
Shah Alam
-Managing the EON (Proton) storage area at Kota Kemuning, Selangor
-Managing the operations at PDI Shah Alam and Pekan :
i) Production Planning for BOTH PDI Centres.
ii) Monitor Bonded Storage area.
iii) Manage spare parts replacements for repair.
iv) Implement 5’S’ activities, SHE and OSHA in both PDI Centres.
v) Manage vehicle distribution for EON in KLB and Kota Kemuning.
vi) Conduct Quality assessment for vendors and improve their profitability.
vii) Meet, discuss and form solutions with finalise holders on delivery and Quality of PDI & Accessories.
-Communications, meetings with franchise holders on new accessory products, trials and
installation, counter measures on technical matters, negotiation on pricing
-Site visit and evaluation at franchise holders network pertaining to delivery or technical
-Maintenance of infrastructure; up keep of building at PDI Shah Alam and Pekan

4. Importation Assistant Manager

-Candidate must possess at least Diploma, Degree or equivalent
-At least 5 to 7 years of working experience in the related field
-Must have knowledge of automobile components parts and its’ functions
-Familiar with logistic and operational requirements of automotive industry
-Good communication skills in English both in written / spoken
-Able to work extra hours and required to travel outstation when necessary
-Able to work independently, self motivated and committed
-Good problem solving and analytical skills
-Able to interact with various people at all levels and a dedicated team-player
-Computer literate

Job Responsibilities:
-Handling Import Permit Operation and coordinate with MITI
-To liaise with Franchise Holders on duty payment
-Application of Gazette price
-Coordination with Finance Department for duty payment, L/C opening and BG application.
-Preparation and finalizing of contract agreement with franchise holders, transporters and
-Coordination with Shippers and Freight Forwarding
-Port Storage and Bonded parking
-Vehicles transportation via Car Carrier
-Custom Approval for Bonded warehouse
Organized shipping to East Malaysia and Pulau Langkawi

Closing Date: TBA


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