Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jawatan Kosong UM

Jawatan Kosong Universiti Malaya (UM)

1. Lecturer
2. Senior Lecturer
3. Associate Professor
4.Professor Grade C

CLOSING DATE: 31 December 2010

The University of Malaya is the first and top institution of higher learning in Malaysia, founded 1905 and located in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. In line with our rapid growth and international stature, we seek experienced, highly motivated and research oriented individuals to join our university in the following faculties:-

(1) Faculty of Science;
(2) Faculty of Medicine;
(3) Faculty of Dentistry;
(4) Faculty of Engineering;
(5) Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology

Permanent or contract appointments.

Initial salary offered will be in the range as given below depending on the candidate’s qualification and experience:

1. Lecturer

(DS45): P1T1 RM 2,546.05 – PIT21 RM 5,484.96
(DU45): P1T1 RM 2,857.75 – P1T18 RM 5,674.21
(DUG45): P1T1 RM 2,835.67 – P1T19 RM 5,621.52

2. Senior Lecturer

(DS51): P1T1 RM 4,573.47 – PIT10 RM 6,439.44
(DU51): P1T1 RM 4,577.64 – P1T10 RM 6,443.61
(DUG51): P1T1 RM 4,575.56 – P1T10 RM 6,441.53

3. Associate Professor

(DS53): P1T1 RM 4,842.03 – P1T10 RM 6,797.08
(DU53): P1T1 RM 4,945.00 – P1T10 RM 6,900.05
(DUG53): P1T1 RM 4,866.23 – P1T10 RM 6,821.28

4.Professor Grade C

(VK7): P1T1 RM 6,595.99 – P1T5 RM 9,480.90

DU : In the field of Medicine
DUG : In the field of Dentistry

Applicants must possess PhD or equivalent professional qualification in their respective field with at least 3 publications especially in internationally recognized scientific journals indexed in Web of Science. Applicants must also have good command and understanding in English.

For Malaysian citizens, must be credit in Bahasa Malaysia including a pass in the oral test at the Malaysia Certificate of Education level or equivalent.

Visit our homepage at http://www.um.edu.my/career/career.php for further details and application form. You are advised to send your complete application form together with Curriculum Vitae which includes author’s name (Abbreviated name) for publication and related documents via email to int_academics@um.edu.my.



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